ILVC Update 11-2-20

November 2nd,. 2020

Dear friends:

Well, if you are reading this, we have made it to the 2020 Season of Thanks!  Let’s be grateful for that.  I hope you take time to enjoy and count your blessings this season.  It’s been an incredibly rough year for everyone.  I hope you find some joy during the upcoming Holidays.

Just a reminder:  BINGO is now a regular event!!!  BINGO is on each Thursday, at Monterrey Mexican Restaurant in Smyrna (next to Dunkin’ Donuts on S. Cobb Dr.) from 5:30 – 8:00 pm!  Please bring $5.00 and $1.00 bills to reduce making change as much.  There is a $50.00 – 100.00 game that we played twice (depending upon participation!  So, winnersgo home with up to $100.00 in CASH!  Sound like fun?  Come join us!

Please, please, please, Y’all stay safe and remain healthy-  Doug Gazlay

November 2nd, 1983

Martin Luther King, Jr. - Doug Gazlay's
Martin Luther King, Jr.

1983 – U.S. President Ronald Reagan signs a bill creating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

From Wikepedia

Recipe of the Week:

Doug Gazlay's Recipes

There will be no recipe this week.  Computer problems made it nigh impossible to product this section!  Next week this will resume!  Thanks- Doug

Word Search of the Week:

This week’s Word Search Puzzle: 

HOLIDAYS Word Search

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