Weekly Update 7-13-20

July 13th, 2020

Dear friends:  Technology keeps marching forward and there are so many choices of ways to get information now.  I have purchased an app for Charity’s Vittles and ILoveVittles sites, both.  Charity’s Vittles will be developed first.   It will be cool!   They take time to create and then get published.  But, once published, they are a really comprehensive and fun way to keep in touch.   More on this as they get created.

I’m also finding new ways of collecting interesting topics to post about on the Facebook and Twitter feeds for ILoveVittles.  So, if you have not joined them, you may want to jump on now!   FB: and Twitter:

Wishing Y’all a very happy, safe and healthy week!- All the best- Doug

July 13th, 1863

1863 New York Draft Riots Doug Gazlay's

1863New York City draft riots: In New York City, opponents of conscription begin three days of rioting which will be later regarded as the worst in United States history.

From Wikepedia

Recipe of the Week:

Doug Gazlay's Recipes

New way to post recipes!

I belong to a new Social Media company that scans the globe for the best of all topics!  One I chose, which applies nicely to this site, is RECIPES!  So, instead of posting my 99 ways to bake bland chicken, I will be posting regularly with great looking dishes from their suggestions!   Just go to the ILoveVittles FaceBook page and you’ll see postings quite regularly. 

This section will have recipes from readers and my friends.  So, check out my favorite fruity pudding- Banana Pudding!  It’s on the FB Page now!  Enjoy- Doug

Word Search of the Week:


Past Word Searches are in the GAMES link above!
And Y’all know I create each of these myself, right?

Word Searches - Doug Gazlay's
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