A chance at a Second Chance; rare indeed

Guilty feet have got no rhythm

Did you ever feel like you’d really blown it when you got in trouble as a kid?  That you had just gone too far and things would never be the same again?  I think in some ways we still feel this way as adults.  Like when we ignore those who we care about and suddenly, for whatever reason (break-up, divorce, moving away, or more permanently- death), we find ourselves in that same penalty box of guilt and despair.  It’s a sad place to be.  And many times, we will not be able to recover.
But then……

Suddenly a light breaks through

 Sometimes we do get a “do over”, another try, or a “second chance”, if you will.   Consider how many of us took the old Vittles for granted that it would always be there?  I did; did you?  Do you remember the “kick in the gut” you felt (and maybe even sheer panic) when you heard the news that Vittles was closed—– for good????  It was just tramatic for me. 


A promise to do better from here on

So, the question is:  “Where do we go from here?”  and… “How do we do things differently with the New Vittles?”.

Let’s all take a breath and thank heaven that we have another shot to have “a version” of what we lost.  Or- a second chance!   Along with that, let’s all be a little patient as the wonderful new owner- Charity Salyers- gets her crew “in the groove” of operating and gets the kinks out that may develop along the way.  I think it’s a fair request to make of ourselves knowing that with the New Vittles opening this July, we do indeed – literally- have a second chance to enjoy our favorite Country Cooking restaurant.   Let’s be supportive and welcome the new Vittles with great attitudes and consistent  Patronage from the start!   Are you with me?  Shout it out now- YES!!!  Awesome!

See Y’all at Vittles soon!-  Doug Gazlay

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